Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Program is a Colorado-based, tax-exempt, charitable foundation established in 2003 to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca and to promote lending libraries in Central America.

In addition to its ongoing work in San Juan del Sur, the program has developed a variety of protocols and materials for new libraries, and its “library in a box” program has helped service groups, church groups, and individuals to establish more than 55 new lending libraries in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The significance of these efforts lies in the fact that historically libraries in Central America do not loan their books and there is little or no access to books and information for any but the very wealthy.

New Library March 12 023The photos show the main heart of our new library facility. The areas shown above are where people can meet to plan, study and work together. Many classes are held in the front area shown and the new childrens and craft space (left) is one of few places in all of Nicaragua where it is possible for children to touch, read, and borrow books!

Putting books in the hands of children is our passion. See VolunteersDonations, and How You Can Help to see what you can do.

The program has established relationships with publishers, book wholesalers, library associations, graduate programs, and others in the library field with the aim of providing the most important literacy tool of “books in the hands of children and adults” to increasingly larger populations in Central America.

Library services include more than loaning books.