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The Hester J. Hodgdon “Libraries for All” Program, its Board of Directors and its volunteers will actively organize and promote fundraising activities to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Móvil, the first, and at this point, the only public lending library in Nicaragua. The HJH Program will solicit both public funds and donations of books, magazines, supplies, and educational materials to allow the goals of this first lending library endeavor to be successful and to provide the means for other community based lending libraries to be established and supported in other parts of Nicaragua and in other Central American countries.

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries For All Program will provide the controls and direction to new lending libraries and supply them with a “kit” at cost or by donation, containing the materials they will need to establish a traditional lending system. The Directors and volunteers will assist in establishing other public lending libraries in areas where there is a need and a request for them. Supplies and printed library control information will be made available by email contact to groups already trying to provide library services in Central America. Proposed communities will be required to complete an application for support, sponsorship, financial assistance or a Library in a Box Donation from the HJH Program. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors, who will determine the feasibility of assisting the community center projects or libraries in each situation. These activities are consistent with the Program’s primary purpose of providing funds and coordinating volunteer efforts to maintain and support educational, language and literacy programs in conjunction with lending libraries and community centers in Nicaragua and other Central American countries.

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How to Reach Us

By e-mail:

General: hjhprogram@aol.com

Jane Mirandette, Program Director: janem101@aol.com

Carolyn Ziering, Website Coordinator: cziering@yahoo.com

Carol McPhee, Educational Advisor:

Heather Carraway, Volunteer Coordinator:

By mail:

HJH Libraries for All Program
1716 Del Norte Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538

By Phone:

Jane Mirandette Mobile in Nicaragua: 011-505-8877-7791

Phone worldwide: 970-744-2074

in U.S.: 970-227-9287


Staff and volunteers from the Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries For All Program are available for speaking engagements. If your organization would be interested in learning more about the burgeoning lending library movement in Central America, this is an excellent way to hear first hand how the lives of children and adults are being transformed through free access to information.

For more information, please contact program director Jane Mirandette at janem101@aol.com.