How to Donate/Send Books

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Program primarily needs books in Spanish to support the many new lending library programs we mentor throughout Central America. There are 54 projects/programs participating in our Library in a Box Recipient Program with more added regularly. All are eligible to receive books from us at our cost or below.

We are able to get substantial discounts from wholesalers and publishers for orders of new books and very low prices on hurt or slightly damaged books and are also able to base our orders on the needs of the library. We often have the opportunity to receive donated substantial quantities of new books for the cost of shipping. If you are interested in helping purchase these new materials, please consider making a financial contribution so that we may make the most efficient use of your donation. Please earmark your donation for this purpose.

There are a variety of ways we receive books: Teachers can donate their Scholastic points to us.  Email us for instructions.  Libraries can send us their weeded – deaccessioned — collections. Simply pack up recent, gently used books in Spanish and contact us with the number of boxes, weight of each and the address for pickup. We are able to send a UPS call tag and cover the cost of shipping.    If you would like to contribute used or surplus books, we can send a call tag or you can use one of the shipping methods outlined below. If you are planning to ship large quantities of books or need additional assistance, please contact Jane Mirandette at

Shipping to HJH Program in Colorado

The HJH Program is able to accept books at its address in Colorado for re-shipment to Central America. You may wish to use USPS “media mail,” which offers shipping of books at reduced cost. The address in Colorado is:

HJH Libraries for All Program
1716 Del Norte Blvd.
Loveland, CO 80538