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A wonderful write-up on the blog for International Library and Cultural Exchange Interest Group from Colorado

Children’s Books at ALA: A PW Photo-Essay

Publishers Weekly (July 2014)

Librarians and publishers proved a hardy bunch at this year’s American Library Association annual meeting, held June 26 to July 1 in Las Vegas, where temperatures climbed a high as 110 degrees. But the heat didn’t stop the multitude of authors and illustrators in attendance from mingling with librarians and signing copies of their books. 

Mobile Hope: How Biblioteca Móvil is moving a community

Motmot Magazine (Dec. 2013)

Juan José Membreño really has something to take pride in. At 21 years old, this San Juan del Sur native is set to graduate from Universidad Ciencias Comerciales in Managua with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. This great achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a unique organization in his community. His dream really started to take shape five years ago when Jane Mirandette, the founder of Biblioteca Móvil in SJDS, came to him with a proposal that would change his life. She wanted her organization, with the help of sponsors, to completely fund his education.  Read more…

Preparing Global Citizens: Librarians Connect Students with a Learning Service Opportunity in Nicaragua

Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship (Winter 2009)


Many universities are encouraging study abroad and international service learning opportunities to provide their students with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate successfully in an increasingly global environment. Academic librarians have unique opportunities and perspectives which enable them to participate in the educational mission of the University. During a trip to Mexico, two librarians from the University of Maryland recognized an opportunity to engage students in a learning service opportunity in Nicaragua. Using their knowledge of the university community and their campus connections, they formed a partnership with a faculty member in the University’s College of Information Studies to develop and offer the College’s first study abroad course.

Americans take for granted that they can walk into a public library and, with minimal identification, borrow a book, videotape, or compact disk to take home for a period of weeks or months.  Until recently, such was not the case in Nicaragua.  Nicaragua did not have a public lending library until 2001, when Jane Mirandette, a transplanted Colorado native, opened the San Juan del Sur (SJDS) Biblioteca Pública.1  She subsequently extended library services to the surrounding rural community with the San Juan del Sur (SJDS) Mobile Project.2

Two University of Maryland (UM) librarians learned about these projects at a book fair in Mexico and realized that the projects would provide a unique opportunity for UM librarians to connect the UM faculty and students with a service-learning experience in Nicaragua .  The eventual partnership resulted in a transformative educational and service experience through the creation of the UM College of Information Studies’ first study abroad course.  This article documents the history of the SJDS library projects and the ensuing partnership with the University of Maryland.    Read more…

Innovative Central American Lending Library Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

International Leads (Dec. 2011)

Skill-Share Programs: Sustaining Grassroots Libraries in Developing Nicaragua

Colorado Libraries (2011)

Libraries For All Program receives ALA Presidential Citation

IRRT News (June 2009)

Three libraries were awarded the ALA Presidential Citation for International Innovation at the ALA 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago. On July 13, 2009, at the International Librarians Reception held at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, the representatives from Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, the Lubuto Library Project, Lusaka, Zambia, and the Tongji University Library in Shanghai, China were presented with the ALA Presidential Citation for International Innovation by Mr. James Rettig, ALA president 2008-2009, for their significant contributions to the people they serve.  Read more…