Spring 2014

San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil

has a new location!

Please Help Fund Our New Library Expansion:

Thdesign team that helped us create our beautiful new space created a video and a Crowd Source Funding site for us. Here is the link to the Indiegogo site with our video.

We just have over 1  week to receive enough donations to make our goal and to see if it is a successful form of fundraising for our ALA Poster in June. Please contribute on the site and share the link with anyone who might support us in this fundraiser. Ask them to share it with others that would help us too. There are gifts attached to each level of donation. This is our first opportunity to participate in this form of fundraising and it does take a crowd to do it successfully. Check it out and help us make our expansion a success.

Our new building, the mobile team getting ready to roll and local transport at it’s quaintest.

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