COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca remains closed. The Mobile Project, as well as most associated activities, have been suspended. We suggest all Nicaraguan grassroots library and service mission projects suspend operations and practice social distancing. We are working to find new and innovative ways to safely operate and continue to disseminate COVID-19 prevention information and materials. 

See this blog post for more information about COVID-19 in Nicaragua.

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries For All Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization under 501(c)(3) established to support the San Juan Del Sur Biblioteca Publica Y Movil and to promote the success of lending libraries and social economic development in Central America.

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries For All Foundation (HJH Foundation) solicits funding for the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil (SJDS Biblioteca). The Foundation supports the main library/community media center and mobile lending library project which serves 36 rural communities.

Donations are our major source of funding and are vital to the continuation of our literacy and social economic development projects in Nicaragua.



The HJH Foundation’s, Library in a Box Recipient Project, provides a “Library in a Box” start-up system, available to anyone interested in initiating a lending library program, at cost. There are currently over 64 Library in a Box Recipient Projects (LIBRP) functioning throughout Central America. We provide books in Spanish and distribute them, to any lending program in Central America.

Members of our team work closely with the American Library Association (ALA) and we are a member of the International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) and Sister Libraries of the Americas program of the International Relations Round Table (IRRT). We attend the ALA annual and midwinter conventions each year. A poster is presented at the annual ALA convention for a poster session entitled Global Solutions.

The HJH Foundation and the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil are founding members of the Nicaraguan Library Association ANIBIPA’s, En Tu Biblioteca campaign and provide workshops, training seminars, and conferences for librarians, teachers and Library in a Box Recipient Program (LIBRP) members.

The HJH Foundation and the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica Y Movil have provided service learning projects and University Course programs with schools, churches, and universities since 2005 with a focus in volunteer tourism.

The HJH Foundation & SJDS Biblioteca Publica Y Movil staff collaborate with Rotary International and other service organizations to bring community advancement technologies and education to some of the schools our mobile project works with. With the help of Rotary International, we are able to provide schools with access to water and sanitation equipment and create a good foundation of hygiene practices. Since 2016, we have completed several district and global grants that have allowed us to place flush toilets, sinks, septic systems, water towers in schools and conduct education programs.

Our newest project, is a gap year program offered to graduating high school students called the Global Responsibility Internship Program (GRIP). Students spend seven months living abroad in Nicaragua participating in service projects, following a curriculum developed by Jane for each group, sight seeing around Nicaragua, and forming lasting relationships in the community. Students create their own service projects to initiate in the community that they work on for the entire length of the program.

Each project initiated by the HJH Foundation meets our Seven Aspects of Global Sustainability guidelines. These guidelines insure that the project will be both sustainable and beneficial to the communities the project will support.


Seven Aspects of Global Sustainability

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Program Applies the Seven Aspects of Global Sustainability. Throughout our programs and community focus these aspects are crucial to Community Advancement.