The Hester J Hodgdon Foundation was formed in 2003 to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca. Over the years, the Foundation has expanded its mission to promote literacy and sustainable lending libraries in Nicaragua and throughout Central America. We have developed a number of protocols for people to follow if they would like to initiate a lending library in Central America. Every project we take on, connects to our Seven Aspects of Sustainability model to ensure that it is sustainable and beneficial to the communities that have access to the services.

The HJH foundation has also partnered with other organizations and businesses to bring water and sanitation improvements to local schools and healthcare and educational workshops to the local communities. In addition, we offer various types of volunteer and service learning experiences.

The Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Foundation is a tax exempt charitable organization under section 501©(3) established to support the SJDS Biblioteca Movil and promote lending libraries in Nicaragua.

We invite you to explore our many services and opportunities.

Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Foundation

Formed in 2003 to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca, the HJH Foundation has expanded its mission to promote literacy and sustainable lending libraries in Nicaragua and Central America.

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San Juan del Sur Biblioteca

The first lending library established in Central America offers a suite of services to the community including a collection of over 12,000 books, a media room, and educational and public health activities.

Mobile Project

The Mobile Project visits 37 communities, bringing books, education, and public health services to the area. It serves as a vital link between rural communities and the town of San Juan del Sur.

Library in a Box Program

Recipient groups or individuals receive a seed collection of 50-100 books, a training packet, and materials for library based activities at cost. This program further enhances access to books in Central America.

3D Printing Program

The 3D Printer Makerspace installed in 2019 in the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca supports the needs of local businesses and the community and serves as a teaching & learning hub in 3D printing technology.

Satellite Library Program

In collaboration with Opportunity Tree International, the HJH Foundation has established stationary mini-libraries that reside in some of the rural schools served by the Mobile Project.

Service Learning Programs

The HJH Foundation’s service learning programs include: university credit courses, mission trips, family and youth trips, and Rotary International service projects.


Volunteer opportunities include working with the SJDS Library, joining staff on the Mobile Project, and assisting with educational and literacy activities in the main and Satellite libraries.


This program offers young people a gap year service learning experience. The focus is on building intercultural relationships and enacting sustainable projects to strengthen communities.